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1938 INTERNATIONAL D15 - Custom Built Tow Car

This unique vehicle was built exclusively for the purpose of towing the Aerocar trailer. Initially the trailer was pulled by a 1936 Plymouth coupe, but it soon proved to be somewhat underpowered. In order to realize the full benefits of this travel trailer, the owner commissioned the International Truck Plant in Chatham, Ontario to custom design this unique little workhorse.

A 1938 custom D-Line cab and chassis with a shortened wheelbase was chosen as the basic unit. A four-speed transmission gets the power to the dual rear wheels through a two-speed rear end. Powering up the unit is an International Green Diamond (GRD-233) six-cylinder, L-head engine. Bore, 3-5/16"; Stroke, 4-1/2"; Piston displacement, 232.65 cu. in.; Compression pressure, 110-120 lbs.; Horsepower, 93 @ 3400 R.P.M.; Maximum torque, 181 ft. lbs. @ 1000 R.P.M.

The body was custom fabricated in Brantford, Ontario by Brantford Coach. Moulded steel panels were fastened to hardwood framing members.

Since this travel unit was chauffeur driven, it was self-contained, even without the trailer. It would seat seven persons; the windows had pull-down blinds, and the six-foot long rear seat opened out to form a double bed. Storage compartments were provided for the heavy-duty batteries, the delco generator, and even a swing-out sink for the chauffeur. An intercom system connected the two units.

At the rear deck, a roll-down covering exposes the "Glenn Curtiss Aero Coupler".

The coupled length of the combined unit is 35 feet and it weighs in at approximately 5 tons.

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Ken and Lana Hindley
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